"Sorteen" things I Heart about Tommy

What I love about Tommy:
  1. His Laugh. He is a genuinely happy kid.
  2. His Smile.  It's never hard to find it, even when I'm mad at him, it's hard to stay mad when he flashes his pearly whites.
  3. His Sense of Humor.  Not sure if he realizes it yet, but the kid's hilarious!  At least to us he is.
  4. How sweet and kind he is towards his siblings.  He has always been so gentle and loving towards the babies, I never had to worry about leaving him alone with either Lola or Max. 
  5. His obedience.  For the most part he listens and obeys when we ask him to do something or to stop doing something.  This has been such a blessing on numerous occasions.
  6. His ability to learn.  He is growing so fast and learning all the things that come with that.  Counting, spelling, singing, writing, drawing, colors, etc. 
  7. His speaking slurs.  His "F's" are S's and his "V's" are Z's, his "L's" are Y's and sometimes D's.  If you help him sound it out he can usually get the correct sound, but it keeps him little so we aren't too concerned with it yet.
  8. How he breaks out into song around the house.  It really lightens the mood when you start to hear him sing "California Gurls" from the other room, and then follow that song with "I am a Child of God".  He has a very wide range of musical knowledge.
  9. He's very coordinated.  I love that for Christmas he wanted a two wheel scooter and rode it like a champ since day one.  He's also learning to ride his bike without training wheels, he's been able to swing a baseball bat since he was 1 1/5 and actually hit a ball since he was 2.  He's got a great throwing arm and has some wicked moves on the dance floor.
  10. He's usually pretty good at sharing with others.  It makes me happy when he does it without being prompted.  We are working on it, but like I said usually he's pretty good.
  11. His Big Brown Eyes!  He is just as I always imagined my kids would look.  Dark hair, dark eyes glowing skin, great smile.  Darling. {cause don't we all imagine our children to be darling?}
  12. He loves to cuddle and give loves.  I love that he'll ask me at night if we could cuddle together in my bed.  He's so sweet when he wants to be.
  13. His love for Church.  He looks forward to Sunday every week, knowing that he gets to go to his class and see all of his friends, sing songs and learn about the scriptures.  I pray he keeps this enthusiasm as he continues to grow.
  14. His overall health.  He has been a healthy kid since day one and I know he doesn't really have anything to do with that, just genetics, but it certainly helps me to love him a little more when the other kids are sick and he's doing just fine.  I don't think he's ever been on antibiotics, what a blessing!

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onehm said...

We love Tommy too! ;)