Showgirl's 14

Let me tell you, coming up with 14 things for this feisty little lady is gonna be a tough one, so bare with me here.  Here goes nothing:
"Finding the Love for Lola"
  1. She's got Sass!  This is the understatement of the century!  I love that you can just look at her and see the sassiness oozing out.
  2. She's smart.  Sometimes a little too much for her own good.  But someday this will come in very handy and even though it makes life hard for me right now, I love how much she is learning and how easy it seems to come to her.
  3. She's an AWESOME sleeper!  We can put her right in her crib at night and she just turns over and falls asleep for usually a good 12 hours.  Like I said, Awesome!
  4. Her big blue eye's.  Never in a million years did I imagine a blue eyed blondie for a child.  But now that we have her, we wouldn't have it any other way!
  5. She makes me laugh.  Her silly antics can sometimes be a little frustrating as well as exhausting, but once the air clears I realize the hilarity of the moment and have to giggle.
  6. Her curiosity for EVERYTHING!  She wants to do it all on her own and figure things out all by herself.  
  7. She's a great eater.  She'll eat almost anything and sit in her high chair to do it.  This comes in very handy when I'm looking for a moment of rest and need to corral her for a bit.
  8. Her sweet little voice.  She is learning so many words and is so cute when she says them.  She always asks me "Mommy, what you doing Mommy?"  I love that.  She is even learning how to count and her ABC's.  She loves to sing, er, have me sing to her and her mumble along.  This is one of the best parts of almost two year olds, hearing them try to speak and communicate with us.  It's darling!  Some of her other Darling words/phrases right now: I did it!, Erh's Lola's?, I Baynty{blankie} Mommy?, My Pretties{bracelets}, I color, my lip{chapstick}?, hold it mommy, sing it mommy, My Piylow Pet? and lots of others, too many to list.
  9. Her little ponies.  When we are getting ready each day she is always so good to let me sit her down and do her ponies.  She runs over and sits in front of me and lets me wet her hair down and brush it out as she finds a pony for me to use.
  10. I love her reaction to when her daddy gets home.  She goes running towards the door screaming, "Daddy Home!"  Sometimes it's the cutest part of the day.
  11. She's GREAT in the nursery at church.  She'll head right in and is a perfect angel the whole time she's in there.  Hardly making a peep, just sitting at the little table playing with puzzles or reading books.  A far cry from her time spent at home.  So glad she's good for others even if she is a little stinker for me.
  12. I LOVE that she LOVES books!  She will sit and look at books all day long.  She loves to sit and read the pages aloud.  It's really too cute to watch.  I hope she keeps that desire throughout her life, it's something I certainly lack!
  13. I love all the little nick names we have for her.  Yowda, Lo Boat, Showgirl, lalalalalola, Lo Ro, stink pot, you get the idea.
  14. Her sweet little tootsie's when we polish them.  Not very often are feet cute, but when she has polish on her little toe's {really even when they aren't polished too} they are too cute.  I could just eat them up!
Wow, I did it, that wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.  Even Tyler was impressed that I was attempting this one.  We love our sweet baby girl, but she certainly keeps us on our toes and busy, busy!

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onehm said...

:) It was fun to see your little Lola at Sweet Cakes today. :)

Gigantor pointed to her and said to me (in a whisper) "Is that Tommy's little sister?" It was so cute.