My 14 for Maxermus

"Why I Love my Maxers"
  1. He's nothing but perfection!  
  2. He's ALWAYS happy and very easy to please
  3. I love the little smell he has.  Each of my children have had their own scent.  I just love smelling him and knowing he's unique in so many ways.
  4. He will sit for hours at a time in his bumbo.  What a blessing when the other two crazies are running circles around me.
  5. He's a great sleeper.  For the most part we are able to just lay him in his little play pen and he calms himself to sleep.  Even if we have to rock him for a bit, he still sleeps great, only waking up once for an early morning feeding before going back to bed til about 9.  Wonderful!
  6. He will go to anyone and be happy.  Some babies have real attachments to their parents and won't let other's hold them, not this kid.  He's just happy to be held!
  7. He's in no rush to grow up.  He loves just lounging around and being a baby.  He doesn't concern himself with bouncing on his legs, eating baby food, rolling over; you know the normal stuff a baby would do at nearly 8 months.  He's perfectly content in being lazy, and right now I'm totally fine with that!
  8. He gets the biggest smile when he sees me or his Daddy.  He is starting to recognize us and it's the sweetest thing when he grabs ahold of your neck and pulls in as tight as he can.  His mouth opens so wide and he try's his hardest to fit your whole face into his mouth.  I guess it's his own little version of a bear hug and kiss, I love it!
  9. I love the little hand jesters and movements he makes and how he looks at them while he is doing it.  He gets mesmerized by the movement he is creating.
  10. His little talk.  All babies have the sweetest little voices and to hear him use his just melts my heart!  I love to hear him try and keep up with the others.
  11. He gets so excited when we wrap him up in his blanket to get ready to go to sleep.  He gets the biggest smile on his face just knowing that we know what he needs at the perfect time.
  12. He gets SO excited when he sees or hears us start to make a bottle.  His little arms start flapping and his legs start kicking.  If we don't get it to his mouth fast enough he starts to get very fussy at the thought of waiting for such goodness!
  13. He's very content with whatever it is we are doing.  Wether riding in the car, laying on the floor, strolling through the grocery store, being mauled by Lola or being held by a million little cousins.  He's just happy to be alive and loves seeing everything that's going on.
  14. He has brought a spirit to our home that wasn't here before.  I'm not sure if it was him or the fact that I have three children now, but he has made me a better mother, wife and friend.  I am taking more time to focus on my family and husband, that before I always took for granted and didn't worry about.  I cook and clean and basically have realized the amount of responsibility I have with these children.  It sounds crazy but I guess it took three kids for me to figure this out.  For this change in my life I will forever be grateful to him. 
Well, as you may have guessed, this list was easy!  He is such a sweet blessing to have in our home right now.  How lucky we are to have him!

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    Lissa said...

    #14 was my favorite. I may or may not have cried when I read it.

    You are a good mom!