14 Days of Love

I thought I would try and do something fun around the theme of Valentine's day.  Seeing as how today is the 1st day of February, I find this as the perfect opportunity to start a little Lovin.
14 Reasons WHY I'm in Love with my man:
  1. I'm a better person because of him
  2. He attends each and every church meeting, he sings the hymns, he accepts every call and shows his love and faith towards the Lord through his service.  He helps keep me going by the example he sets.
  3. He works so hard for our little family.  Continually striving to do his best for himself and his employer.  He is dependable and never lets you down.
  4. He works at improving himself every day {something I lack at times}.  He tries new things and pushes himself to achieve goals he has set for himself.
  5. He loves me without fail.  No matter how rude I may be towards him at times or how lazy I get with the housework/cooking/kids, he would NEVER speak an ill word towards me or comment on my faults.
  6. He is an AWESOME father!  He does more then any other "dad" I know.  He comes right in and helps out with whatever needs to be done.  Bathing, feeding, playing, changing, dressing, helping, whatever the situation calls for, he steps up to help out.  {and for the most part, he loves doing it.}
  7. Somehow, he gives me everything I want {with a few exceptions}.  With decorating ideas, date night decisions, travel plans or Tax return purchases, whatever it may be, he's very thoughtful in making me happy when the decisions are being made.
  8. He cleans the house!  Every night he does the dishes after dinner, he takes the trash out each morning before we wake up and he changes the Laundry most every night.  He even folds and puts it away a lot of the time.  He refills the water in the fridge so there is always a cold water bottle for me when I need one, he sets my alarm clock for me to make sure I get up to get Tommy ready for his carpool.  He comes home on Sundays in between meetings to get each of the children dressed and ready for church, then takes Tommy back with him before church to get him out of my hair.  He cleans the hall bathroom, does all the yard work and even mops the floors.  He's a rockstar!
  9. He keeps me Honest {except when it comes to photo radar tickets, we have an agreement about those}.
  10. He's very good with our finances, keeping us in line and mostly out of debt.
  11. He's very clean and likes things organized {this is something we are both obsessive about, which is a good thing.  It keeps us both on our toes in keeping an organized home}.
  12. He is great with our newborns, getting up each and every morning for the early feeding, and sometimes even in the middle of the night.  He lets me sleep in and feeds Max every morning before getting ready for work, then puts him back to sleep, so as not to disturb me.  AWESOME!
  13. He is always a great example of how to act and react towards family members.  When either of our siblings/parents/friends do something we don't necessarily agree with, he is really good at not saying anything about it and letting them make their own decisions {cause clearly it's none of our business} Where I have issue's with this, if it's my family, a lot of times I call them out on it, or say something that I'll usually regret saying later.  I may even judge them and think I would handle a situation better, but Tyler helps bring me back down to the normal level at which I actually stand.  Hey, I'm working on it, clearly I have a long way to go.  He makes me strive to be better in this area.
  14. Oh yeah, and he's pretty cute.  That's gotta be somewhere on here, right?


Everhart Family said...

Love this picture! OXOX

onehm said...

:) This is so sweet. He's a keeper!