Dear Max,

It would be super great if you would learn how to hold your Binky in without my help.   If you would sleep a little longer at a time in the night.  If you could figure out how to either hold your bottle or keep your hands out of the way while we are feeding you.  If you could be a little more patient with me when I'm getting your bottle ready to feed you, I know it must seem like forever and that you're going to starve, but I promise you'll be ok.
{Halloween Chicken 2010}
...and if you could stop being so darn cute everyday, I'm getting less and less done as the days go by.

Love, Mom


Cynthia said...

I love that picture, the look on his little chicken face is priceless!

onehm said...

NOTHING cuter than this photo! :)
I hate to tell you, but Birdie is sleeping through the night...maybe we should get the two of them together and she can tell him her secret.

Webb Family said...

That is such a cute picture!

julz said...

I see why you get nothing done. He is adorable.

Anonymous said...