Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

and the winner is... number 10,

{who happens to be my neighbor, and has a few ETSY shops of her own!}

Congrats and we'll see each other soon 
so you can pick something fun!

Thank you to ALL who entered and gave me your votes for my new Mimi Made header.  

According to your comments, 
#5 got 9 votes
#3 got 8 votes
#4 got 5 votes
#2 got 2 votes

SOOOO, since I never actually voted 
{but I really liked #3}
I may go with number 3 or retweek the two and see if I can come up with something that has a little bit of both in it.  IDK.  I'm still so indecisive.  But THANK YOU to everyone for you opinions.  I needed to get another opinion other then my own.

Thanks again for following me and stay tuned for more exciting news on the my shops Grand Opening!  Just in time for the Holidays!

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