Sunday Morning Blessings


We had the wonderful opportunity to bless our sweet Maxwell this past Sunday.  He is nearly three months old and a serious sweetheart.  We missed a few of the brother-in-laws for his circle, but still had a group of eight to participate.  It's a good thing we had BIL Jeff stand in, apparently he kept catching Max as he started to slip out of everyone's hands.  Thanks for catching our kid Jeff, there's gotta be some sort off reward for that?  I guess the love and admiration of your favorite "Elegant and Sophisticated" Sister-In-Law will have to do.

The circle: Tyler, Papa, Grandpa Tom, Spencer, Johnny, Jimmy, Jon and Jeff
The blessing: Beautiful, with words of great missionary work and bringing peace into our home
The clothing: Soft blue and cream argyle knit suit from Nordstroms
The spirit: Everywhere

Sweet Max, we love you and wish the best for you in your life to come.
Here, a few captured moments from the day.

Before church getting ready with Daddy

Four Generations of Thomas {plus Max}

Uncle Johnny and the man of the hour
Katrina, Mom, Kiki and Me {I love my sisters and my Mom}
Yaya with her baby boys.  Scotty the Hot-tie and Maximus.  Johnny playing with some of the crazy kids.
Grandma Ro and all 15 of her grandkids.  This was one of the silly shots, as if you couldn't tell.

Barney's and most of the Porter's, we missed you guys.


Lissa said...

I have so many things to say about this fun post!

First-You and Lola with those matching awesome flowers...love love love!

Second-Your mom with all her grandkids...priceless!

Last(certainly not leaset)-The four generations of Thomas plus Max...my all time favorite-made me cry! You know I have a thing for sweet Grandpa Tom!


Bubbly Faces said...

Holy cow.. you have three kids!! I still am not use to seeing family picture with three kiddos in ours. Scary!!

Jenni said...

YOU LOOK GORGEOUS!!!! I miss you guys....so much!!!! So happy for you....and totally can't believe you have 3 kids now! Congrats! :)