Mi Familia

This past weekend we spent a lot of time with the family.  Cause that's what we Italians do.  We headed up Camelback mountain to my aunt's house to enjoy her pool with a view of the city.  We dined on pizza and watermelon. and soon figured out that swimming with three kids who don't know how to swim is not nearly as fun as it sounds.

We had a good time and enjoyed the company but were the first ones to leave.  obviously.

I took pictures.
Yes, that's Lola's rear showing.  Johnny was throwing her up in the air so much he didn't realize her shorts were falling down.  She didn't seem to mind the extra breeze.
Thomas with his floating swimsuit giving him that false sense of security he needed to play with the other kids.  Jimmy posing with a silly smile.  Business as usual.

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