a moment at a time

feed max
turn on disney channel
change diapers and dress kids
make bottles and sippy cups
discipline Thomas for not playing with sister
give loves to lola
think about cleaning bathrooms
get dressed
corral lola out of the bathroom
change channel on TV
check e-mails
listen to lola scream for something
answer phone
help kids with go-gurts
make toast
wrap max and put down for a nap
sweep floors
reinsert max's binky
play with kids
start blog post
talk with sister
clean lola and get her out of high chair
change show on TV
keep lola away from max
change laundry
sigh {want to crawl back into bed}
think about lunch
listen to tommy whine about lola getting his cars
sympathize with tommy about his dilemma
inspect kids bug bites {darn bugs, leave my kids alone!}
watch a little handy manny
take a breath
blog a little more
straighten up kitchen
pick up misc. toys
whining and bickering from kids
organize desk
get tommy a car
fold clothes
kiss max
hang and put clothes away
straighten bathroom
put toaster away
acknowledge lola
answer phone
work out medical bills with insurance
max waking up
get ready to start it all again

and it's only 11:00 a.m.
   big Sigh, regroup.  here we go!


Kylee and Dustin said...

Oh man does this ring true!

Jenni said...

I Feel your pain! Hardest job....EV-ER!

jillian said...

sounds like my days...minus 1 baby. thank goodness!

ashley wright said...

this cracked me up... sounds all too familiar! Youre a great momma!

Everhart Family said...

Amen, Sister!

Crazymamaof6 said...

Oh I've lived this.

and in 5 years you really will miss this. enjoy them because all too soon it will be so easy to go to lunches with friends all day, and nap and read books and be crafty.

but the hectic in the early morning will wipe you out while you shove 'em out the door. and after school you'll go crazy with homework and scouts and sports.

as hard as it seems some days. this is the easy carefree, sleep late enjoy your babies time. you'll never get it back.