Her name is Lola...


and she can be a handful sometimes.  But we love her and our family just wouldn't work without her.  

Here's a few recent pictures of things she's been up to as of late.
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She loves putting my bangles on and walking through the house with her little wrist holding them up.  It's amazing how girls are little girls right from the start.  It's just in them to do girly things and act silly.  And Lola is certainly no exception.  She has the girly girl thing down pat!
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Terrorizing her brother in the bathtub. A daily occurrence, Tommy is so good and patient with her, thank goodness for that.
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This past Sunday was her very first time in Nursery at church.  She did awesome!  Wen right in and was instantly in awe of all the toys, games and kids that she had never seen before.  I kept going down the hall to try and check on her and she was great, never a problem.  That's the way it should be done, it was my first time attending RS in like four months.  It was great.

I love you Lo, thanks for keeping my life interesting.

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