First day of school

Thomas went back to the wonderful Evergreen Cottage for his second year of Preschool last week.  I was afraid he was going to throw a fit like last year, but he was so excited.  That made me all the more excited to send him off.
He'll be four coming up at the end of this month and I can hardly believe it.  Time flies!  He is learning so much.  He knows his colors, ABC's and can count up to 16 {but forgets to add 14 in the mix}.  He is learning what letters go in his name and with a little help can even write something somewhat resembling his name.

Some of my favorite "Tommy Phrases" right now are:
  • Let's be seriously
  • yoda rowse
  • hi max {in a very high pitch tone}
  • vroom, vroom {deep in his throat}
  • motocycleta {motorcycle from handy manny}
  • We musta get that {anytime he wants something}
  • am I poopie? {as we check his diaper, as if he doesn't know}
He's a cute kid, a pill sometimes, but cute.  Good luck this year in school buddy.  I love to see you grow, but not too fast.

Next lesson, potty training 101.  I think it will be a bigger challenge for me to learn then him.  uhgg.  Why can't it just happen, I hate fighting with him about this!

Loving on his sister.

The kid also has the serious gift of being able to fall asleep just about anywhere and in any position.  Just like his daddy.

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