We have what I like to call Wacky Wednesdays around these parts.  This year my girlfriends and I have decided that with our carpooling we will each take a day and then keep the kids for a playdate to give us all a little bit bigger break during the days.  Wow, that was a long sentence.  Anyway, Wednesday's are my day and today we invited one more friend to come play with the bunch.  I wanted to give OneHM a little free time to work on packing her house up without a little helper.

Six kiddos
four and under
2 1/5 hours
including lunch

A fun time for all, of course.
Luckily each kid gets along so great with each other, it makes it so much easier.

Here are a few memories from today.  It's actually still going on as I type.
Chaos lurking around every corner.  Lola is loving it!!!
Picked everyone up from preschool.  Good thing I've got such a big car now.
Headed to the carwasher.  
Four year olds love going through a carwash while still sitting inside of the car.
Corn dogs and Cantaloupe.  Again, I'm feeding four years olds here, no need to impress.

Fun stuff, what are you up to today?  Bet it's not as exciting as my day.

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