Our lovely Lady Bumps...

This was at Katrina's Baby Shower in March.  
Just thought I'd show how much difference two months 
{she was two months further along then me}can make. 
I really don't want to get any bigger.  
I'm already at the point where I feel like there is no more room to grow.  
These next 8 weeks need to go slow but fast at the same time.  I'm not at all ready for this baby, nor will I be even when I hit my due date, 
but at the same time I'm getting very uncomfortable so I want a little relief.  
No one ever said it was gonna be easy, and I'm TOTALLY realizing that!  
Ahh, the joys of Motherhood!


Jenni said...

Crazy how your body can shift and change to accomodate that little baby isn't it? Sorry you are uncomfy already.....hugs to you and here's hopin' that the 8 weeks fly by.....because even if you aren't ready for that little baby, it's far better to have it here than to be miserable right???

linda said...

You both looks great. Tell Katrina congrats on the cutie pie! Wish I could have been at the shower. My mom said you all looked wonderful and what a nice time she had.