Miss Rose "Rosie" Marie!  
7 Pounds 13 Ounces, 18 inches, Born at 11:17 a.m.
Tons and Tons of Dark Black Hair
Great Coloring, and as sweet as can be!

Mother and Baby are doing well.  Now's the fun part, raising her!  

For those of you who don't know this is NOT my baby, it's my little sister's.  
She did AMAZING during her labor and delivery.  She only had to push for about an hour 
{superstar. on my first baby I pushed for three hours}.

We are all so proud of her and so excited for this sweet little thing to be part of the bunch.
This makes 14 grandkids for my mom, our little guy will be the 15th.  It's so much fun when one more enters the group.  They all bring such fun and joy to our family.  Can't wait to see what funny things this little sweetheart has to offer.

Congratulations Trina Beana, we all love you to pieces!!!! & You did GREAT!  Seriously, very impressive!


Shanna said...

How exciting!! Give Katrina our love!! My kiddos were super excited to see the pictures of baby Rosie. Tonight both of them blessed baby Rosie in their prayers...it was really sweet!! We can not wait to meet her!

Becky said...

Big Congrats to your sister & your family! She's beautiful! Glad everything went well :)

Cicily said...

I was doing a quick brain check thinking this was your baby. I was sure you weren't that far along. I'm so glad it wasn't me just going crazy.

sundownerin said...

ohh my good... how cute she is!!!
really sweet!!