Lo Boat

{as I call her}.  She is one.  Whoa.  Here are some of her stats.  For information sake.
  • 8 Teeth, all in the front, and she's not afraid to use them!
  • Crawling everywhere.  She's a fast little sucker.
  • When she's sitting it's usually on her bum with her legs tucked under.  So cute, she looks like a little Meercat when she sits up on her knees to see something or reach for you.
  • She will sign "More" and "Wash".
  • Says "Hi" to EVERYONE! and waves her hand.  We meet a lot of people at the grocery store.
  • Words: daddy, mamma, hi, more, the cutest jabber with her tongue when she's reading a book, yaya, No No No, cheese and hut-ohhh {when she drops something}
  • Mostly sleeps through the night {with an occasional screaming spout around 2 or so}.
  • Loves looking at books 
  • Wants to be wherever Tommy is
  • Has a little attitude when she doesn't get her way
  • Hardly any hair in the front/top of her head, but a total party in the back.  It's even a little curly and I can fit a pony tail but it looks a little ridiculous because it's so small.
  • Happy, Healthy and brings a new adventure for us everyday.
  • Gives kisses, open mouth ones, of course!
  • Picks up every little thing on the floor and puts in right in her mouth.  Sometimes you can get her to open her mouth and push it out with her tongue, but other times she starts to crawl away really fast because it's something she knows doesn't go in her mouth.
  • Throws a fit every time we try to change her diaper or her clothes.  Practically lunges herself right off the changing table.
  • Loves to bit and pull hair.  Also is really good at throwing her head right into your nose or lip.    {In Fact: Got a fat lip from her just today.}
  • Says "Cheese" for the camera when you're taking her picture

So that's our Lola.  She will certainly be a lot more of a handful then Thomas was, but I guess you want your girls to be feisty?  Right?

All I know is I fear everyday for how my life is going to be once this third one makes his appearance.  I will have my hands full and yaya's number on speed dial!  Two months and counting.  Pray for me!!!!


Cynthia said...

You're in for some wild times for sure! I look back on the pics of my kids when they were little (3 kids in 3 years) and I marvel. No wonder I felt half-crazy all the time! It's so overwhelming when they are all small.

Cynthia said...

Oh- and I love the Meercat reference! The way she's craning to look around in that photo DOES remind one of a Meercat, an exceptionally cute one, of course!

Jenni said...

isn't it crazy how totally different girls are than boys....right from the start? I wish we still lived close by....sounds like she and my girlies would get along great! :) So much alike!!! And don't worry....you will do great with 3 little ones....it's a total crazy fun wild insane and wonderful adventure!!!! HUGS! :)

ashley wright said...

Yes, I agree. Girls should be feisty, and what a cute little feisty one Lola is! She's also precious. How fun to have your third baby ! We are having our second girl this july! aaahhhhh. I'll pray for you if you pray for me!! deal ? :) Im totally feeling scared!

Sheri said...

She's adorable.