Last week at Toms preschool he got to be the school's Superstar for the week.  I made him a big poster with lots of fun pictures from this past year, and even got to go in and visit.  He is such a special little guy.  I just love him to piece's.
Here he is when we first got there.  Having snacks. {Tyler couldn't make it to the school, so my sister Katrina came along with me for the fun.}
All the classmates {Except One}.  What a fun little class!
Seriously, the cutest little Preschool you have EVER seen!  I love to be able to send him there.  It's so much fun and he loves it!  This is only one small pic of what it has to offer.  So many fun things to play with and learn from.
His EXCELLENT teachers.  Miss Ashley and Miss Jody.  Can you feel the love?

What a fun time for Thomas, thank you Evergreen Cottage for making his preschool experience so special.  He truly is a SUPERSTAR!

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Matt and Jennae Porter said...

Hey- just want to say congrats on the pregnancy!! I heard from Matt, who heard from Tyler, a few weeks ago... but I didn't want to leave a comment on your blog before you made the "official" announcement. Too fun! Little surprises keep life interesting, no?! We are excited for you guys!