Has it been that long?

Wow, time flies. I mean to post update's, but then the time gets away from me.
Toms is having a great summer so far. Really every season is summer when you're a two year old. But we have enjoyed doing a lot more with all the cousins. Going swimming at the public pools, having play dates at different houses, seeing the summer kid movies at the theatre, playing in the splash pad's all over town.
{Tempe Beach Park with Kiki and the Kids}
You know, fun summer stuff. Yesterday we went and saw "Kung Fu Panda" with Kiki, Jimmy and ALL the kids. It was crazy but fun. The theatre was filled with other kids and a few old couple's {Random} so if the babies started to get fussy it didn't really matter. That was nice. Plus when it's only $1 to go to the movies, that's a fabulous way to kill two hours of our day. Then everyone came over to our house to hang for a bit. It was nice to catch up with my siblings, even if we were surrounded by screaming children. We had some lunch and Kiki and I tried to figure out my sewing machine while the babies slept {We never could get it to work though, bummer}. Then they left, we took a little nap and then we had Taco Night at our house. My In-Laws host "Wednesday Night Taco Night's", and it's usually at their house but last night it was at our place. So we had another house full. It's always very entertaining and fun to have all Tyler's family over. Needless to say it was a very busy day.
We have also been trying to do a new rewards system with Toms. I made this cute board to help keep track of Tommy's tokens. {Thanks for the idea Sherrie!}
Photobucket Once he gets all the Tokens we are thinking maybe we'll take him to Sea World? We'll see. I personally don't think he'll ever get that far. He either loses them too fast or uses them for little prizes. He doesn't quite get the concept of collecting all of them for one BIG thing. He'd rather cash them in as we go for a bunch of little things. This is a picture of all the little things:
Lots of fun from the dollar store. Anyway, the most he's gotten at once is 12. He needs like 40. We'll keep you posted on his progress. Of course, if Tyler doesn't get a bonus this summer like he did the last three summer's then I'll make it so Toms never gets to 40 simply because we won't be able to afford it. So it can go either way. Until we know it gives Toms a little bit of incentive to help out around the house and get rewarded for good behavior.
Father's day was great. I got Tyler a Massage from this lovely lady as his gift from me and the kids. Toms made this for him:
Photobucket He had so much fun painting it. This was his first time using paints. I figured I could break out the messy stuff once in awhile. It of course, didn't last very long. I thought it would keep him occupied for a lot longer. But it was still a good time for him. Then he got to play in the water for a bit. I mean, he was already naked. That always a good time.
Tyler did great on his triathlon. He was able to recruit a friend at the last minute and they both finished at just about the same time.
{Richard & Tyler right before the race}
He finished in 1:44 minutes. Not bad for a first timer. Way to go Babe, we were so proud of you {and glad it's over}!
Photobucket{Get your tickets to the gun show ladies!}
In Lola news:
She is doing great. Always happy! Getting SO fat! and not quite sleeping through the night. She had a couple of really great nights where she slept for like 5 hours straight, but those have become a thing of the past {insert sad face}. But it's still ok because even though I get up three times in the night she sleeps in until 9 or even sometimes 10. So I can handle it. She is close to 12 pounds and a little over three months old. She has started talking up a storm, it's so cute and loves to smile and get attention. She's getting a little spoiled with being held all the time, so I need to try and curve that a bit. I don't want to end up with another Tommy. He's still too much of a handful, I don't want to end up with two spoiled kids. I'm getting close to putting her in her crib soon. She's getting old enough to know her surroundings and I don't want her getting used to being in our room {another mistake I made with the first one}.
Anyway, I've been working on a few fun projects around the house. I've got before and after pics to show once I finish. I'm also trying to get my Binky Clips up on a website to get some more sales with them. I've made some really cute ones lately and need to try and sell some more of them to help pay for some odds and ends around here. I need to get my Photoshop back up and running before I can get that blog gong though. Hopefully that will happen next week sometime. I hate not having my Creative Suite. I'm so lost without it!
So I just saw that Farrah Faucet & Michael Jackson died today. Neither of which makes any difference in my life. Crazy, really makes you think. Or not. I'm sure we'll hear about this in the news for weeks now.
Alright, well I'm gonna try and get some exercising in tonight. I still have about 7 pounds to lose before Monday when "The biggest loser" ends. Probably NOT going to happen, but I'll still semi try. Have a great night and try to stay cool in these HOT summer days!


Lissa said...

So much to comment on...

I need to get out to the $1 movies as well. Which theatre does them and what days?

Tell Tyler I think his belly shirt shot is hot!

Lola is adorable, I love her huge smile:)

Why don't you make an etsy account or something for those cute binki clips, you could totally make some money!

The Phillips Family said...

Congrats on your little girl. I can't believe that we haven't even talked since you were pregnant with Tom! Crazy!
You have a beautiful family!! Hope all is well!