My poor MAC!

So I have been computer less for almost a week now. I hate this! My poor iMAC crashed the other day and it's getting repaired. So in the meantime I'm needing to use Tyler's PC to check my e-mails and such. I really hate using a different computer. You get so used to your own. Anyway, I'm hoping that I didn't loose everything that was on it. It hasn't all been backed up. So keep your fingers crossed for me! Today Toms and I took a long nap while my wonderful SIL, Hope kept Lola. It was bliss! Thank you once again Ya, Ya! Earlier we went to the Tempe Beach Park with my sister and her kids. It was way fun, a little crowded, but still a good time. Toms didn't want to leave. & what was with the weather? so beautiful! The breeze was blowing, it was perfect for being outside. Love it! Last night we lost our power for about a half hour. It was so windy but only for about 3 or 4 minutes. Weird! But that was enough to blow the power out. It was so quiet around the house. I didn't like it! So I couldn't fall asleep until the fan came back on. Tyler is getting all geared up for his triathlon this weekend. I still can't believe he is doing this. He has recruited a friend to join him. Good luck guys! I also started a new "Rewards" system for Toms. We'll see how it goes. I think he gets it, but maybe not completely. I've got pictures once I get my computer back. Alright, Hope just brought Lola home, so I'm gonna go play with the kiddos. Later!


Anonymous said...

Is this Mimi Leavitt?

Mimi said...

Nope, sorry, that's not me. Whoever you are.