Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we had a few fun parties to attend.  First was our Christmas program at my Grandma Gigi's retirement home.  We decided to all get together and have a small Holiday get together instead of nothing.  It was a nice afternoon, filled with lots of fun talents by all the kids and even a few visitors we weren't expecting.  Since we were just in the lobby of the home older ladies kept coming up to join us.  It was hilarious.  One lady even took someone's chair when they went up to preform.  Good times, makes for very fun memories.
Toms was a little bored sitting through the program. Can you tell?
Look at how cute these two ladies are.  
I had to get a pic of Macy's darling outfit!

Next was out to dinner with my mom. We started the tradition last year 
of going out to eat, just the 4 of us. All of my other siblings had other 
places to go, so instead of leaving mom to just spending the evening 
alone, we decided to go get a bite to eat.
Toms is such a ham and loved getting all of the attention from us.
A photo op for mom & me. Thanks for dinner mom, we had a great 
time just hanging with you for some fun Holiday time.

After dinner we started to make the trek back to Mesa. Tyler's 
parents host Christmas Eve dinner for anyone who doesn't have 
any where else to go. So we joined them right as they were starting 
to eat.  We sat and played some games and sang some songs while 
Dad recited the story of Christ's birth. It was lots of fun and a great 
time with family. That's what the Holidays are all about, right!?
Toms was being silly with the other kiddos.
Photo time with Tiff & Hope. When I get the video's uploaded I'll 
post the fun new talent my brother in law showed off. It was pretty 
amazing. So stay tuned.

I'll post Christmas day in a little bit, we need to get showered before 
it gets too late. Toms is getting bored.

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Tiffany said...

Merry Christmas to all of my Wright Family members! I love and miss you guys -

Hugs and Kisses!