Merry Christmas!

Christmas Morning came a little earlier then we are used to around here.  We woke up around 7:30 and Toms was so not happy about it.  He just sat there laying on the couch trying to go back to sleep.  So Tyler took his stocking down and started showing him all his fun new goodies from Santa.  He perked up pretty quick once he heard the word "colors".  
It was so much fun seeing him get excited about opening all his gifts.  Santa & I went a little crazy in the gift department this year.  He got a lot more then he needed, but I had so much fun shopping for him it was hard to resist.  Anyway, among the loot was a new piano/keyboard, lots of new "Colors", a Cabbage Patch Kid {an African American one, in honor of the new President, hee, hee}, Lots of Cars, P.J.'s, a new shirt, an ASU Sweatshirt, a new ornament, and lots of other little things in his stocking.  & this was just at our house.  Before we even made it to the grandparents houses.  
I had also bought him a little remote control Dog but decided to return it.  He wasn't that interested in it so I just took it back.  I was giving him that because when ever you would ask him what Santa was bringing him he would say "a doggie".  O.K., random!  He really hates dogs.  And we have no idea where he came up with that.  So anyway, I decided to grant his wish with a stuffed one.  But like I said he really didn't care about it, so back it went.
So after we opened all our fun gifts we got ourselves ready and headed over to my mom's house in Phoenix for Presents and Brunch.  We got there just after 9 and even though our Disneyland trip was supposed to be our Christmas present this year, my mom can't resist and still got us all a little something to open.  Toms got a fun Sparky book, a remote control car, a fun shaving kit to do in the shower, socks, more colors, a pop gun with little foam balls, a big Pixar picture book from one of the cousins & lots of other random little things.  So much fun!  Thanks Grandma!
Then we had my Mom's famous Christmas morning breakfast.  YUM!  She always goes all out for this breakfast, and it is one of the meals I look forward to all year long.  She breaks out the fine china and sets the table so perfectly.  She always has Orange Juice and Hot Chocolate (my favorite!)  A spread of Hash Browns, French Toast, Berries, Soufflé{!!!} & Bacon.  YUM! YUM! YUM!  It's tradition for both set of grandparents to join us so it makes it even more special.  Anyway, it was lots of fun and great times with everyone.  We always have so much fun with my family, laughing as loud as we want and reminiscing about fun memories of the past.  I love hanging out with all of them, everyone adds something special and it makes for such a wonderful time of the year.
After hanging out for a bit we headed back into Mesa for more fun family parties to attend.  We always miss his Grandpa's morning routine with all of his extended family, so we make a stop there when we get back into Mesa.  He is always so generous with his Grandkids, giving us a new pair of Garms and a $50 dollar bill, each.  Right on!  Thanks you Grandpa Tom for being so generous with your money.  I love Grandpa Tom, he is such a fun loving, sweet man.  What a wonderful example he has been to all of our family.  He has such a wonderful sense of humor and is still smart as a whip.  He remembers EVERYTHING, and knows EVERYONE.  It makes for some fun and interesting conversations when we hang out with him.  When we got there Tyler's parents, Aunt & Uncle were still there so we were able to sit and visit for a bit with all of them.  Toms got a fun new shirt and a Dollar out of his stocking.  Grandpa has stockings for everyone hanging on the fireplace with a dollar in each one from Santa.  So cute!
The mantel
My favorite decoration in his house.  How cool is this Santa?  I LOVE it!
Next was a little down time at home for a quick nap.  Nice!  I love my naps!  Then around 4 was time to go to Tyler's families house for there Christmas fun.  My Mother-In-Law goes as crazy as my mom does with all the presents so it's a very fun filled day for us as we pick up more and more loot from each home we visit.  This year my MIL had bought us some Food supply, much needed, I am so bad about that!  She is also going to get some curtains made for my bedroom.  Yeah!!!  I can't wait.  Toms got a fun remote control car and some new jammies.  He also got a cars lego set from one of the cousins.  Tyler made out like a bandit, he usually does.  He got some tools, a new shirt from Brooks Brothers, a ladder, a new golf club from his sister {way too generous!}, and I'm sure more I just can't think of it all.  His Dad enjoys spoiling his boys.  How fun for them!  Anyway, we had a great time opening gifts.  We go in a circle and everyone opens one at a time.  It helps draw out the process and plus everyone gets to see what everyone else gets.  I like doing it this way and tried to institute this method in my family but they weren't up for it.
Then the mood turned a bit on my evening.  I was a little stressed out form all the holiday stuff anyway and just not feeling quite myself and anything anyone said was just buggin me!  So I was ready to go out to my Families house for my Aunt's Christmas party with all my cousins on my Mom's side.  This was the plan anyway, but when I asked Tyler if he was ready to go he didn't want to leave yet.  & I was ready to go.  I am usually the brunt of everyone's jokes around Tyler's family and usually it's no big deal and I just put up with it and laugh along with everyone else, but Tonight I was just not in the mood!  I'm pregnant, stressed and frustrated, not a good combo to add on to.  
Anyway, Finally I got Tyler out the door and I was already crying, we got into a bit of a tiff while driving out to my Aunt's in Phoenix so I said just go home I was in no mood to see anyone else for the evening.  We headed back home and I stayed at home to cry myself to sleep while Tyler & Toms went back to his families house.  I went form having a nice dinner at my Aunt's house to PB & J's at home.  Not the best way to end my Christmas.  But what are you going to do?  Tyler & I luckily made up before too long and I started to feel a little better as I calmed myself down.  But it was still not a fun evening for me either way.  Oh well, one more fun Christmas memory.
So besides the end of the evening it was a great Holiday.  We got lots of fun stuff and enjoyed lots of fun family conversations and memories to last a lifetime.
Can't believe I'm so late on this post, but better late then never.  Hopefully now I'll remember some of the fun details of the day for years to come.  Merry Christmas all!  Hope your Christmas day was great too!

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