Weekend Review

This past weekend we had lots of fun plans.  On Friday night we hosted a dinner party with Tyler's friends from the MBA program.  We have become close to a few of these couple's and want to try and get closer to the others.  Here is a picture of the table setting.
Sadly I didn't get any pictures of the group, but we had a great evening with 
lots of laughs and great conversations.  Thank you to everyone for coming!  
It made the night so much fun, we need to get together more often!

Then on Saturday I was able to go to lunch with my mom & siblings 
for our annual Christmas lunch. We always have such a great time 
together with lots of laughing and fun. We are always the loudest 
bunch in the place, but that's what you get when you put four of the 
same loud laughs together in the same place.

Sunday was a nice relaxing day filled with church and family. I spent most 
of the evening finishing up a scrapbook that I've been working on like crazy 
for a Christmas gift. {Note: It's finally done, yeah!} Then Monday evening 
was Tyler's extended family party @ The Wright House.  We get together, 
eat Mexican food, have a program and even Santa comes to visit and pass 
out some fun little gifts for the kiddos.
Toms usual reaction to the big guy!
He was pretty subdued for the rest of the evening just watching Santa 
making sure he knew where he was at all times.

Last night Tyler, Toms & I headed out to San Tan to do a little last minute 
shopping. We ended up buying each other both a pair of shoes to wrap under 
the tree. There was a great deal at Sketchers so I got a cute pair of slip on 
tennis shoes and Tyler got the brown shoes he wanted from his list.  
It was absolutely freezing walking around out there so we didn't stay for too 
long but got everything else we needed.

I should be working on a couple of unfinished projects I am giving as gifts 
tomorrow so I need to head off, but wanted to get a little update in before 
I have too much to report on. Have a wonderful Christmas and I hope it's 
filled with lots of friends, family & fun memories that will last a lifetime.  
Can't wait to see all the fun posts about everyone's Holiday!  

Merry Christmas!!!

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Matt and Jennae Porter said...

We had a great time with you guys! Thanks for the invite! We'll have to do it again soon, to plan Rocky Point 2009 vacation, of course! =) Hope you guys had a great Christmas.