The Weekend Catch up!

Molly's b-dayAlright, so I have a lot of catching up to do from the weekend.  First on Thursday evening we went out with these guys and the Decrows to celebrate Molly's Birthday.  We had the always excellent Cafe Boa.  It was so delicious, always satisfying!  Thanks Tim for treating us, what a great way too celebrate the wonderful Miss Molly!
Misc. stuff
A few weeks ago I received my Better Homes & Gardens magazine in the mail and saw that Tyler's cousin Jacqui was featured in the back.  It is showcasing her bathroom that her and her hubby remodeled on a very tight budget.  How fun is that?  Way to go Jacqui.  I'm SO jealous!
There are also some fun pics of Toms around the house.  He got a huge goose-egg on his forehead the other day when we were at the Distribution center buying, well, you know what you buy there.  Anyway, when we came out, I noticed he had a huge bump on his forehead.  Poor guy.  He didn't even cry when it happened, so I have no idea how it happened.  Anyway it has since turned into a big bruise.  I promise, I really don't beat my child.
I also was able to order some fun Vinyl Lettering from Lolly Jane to make a fun new display on my kitchen walls.  Cute, huh?  I love them!  Thanks Kellie!
I also took a little moment to clean up my desk space.  I also bought a couple of paper holders that hang on the wall.  Isn't it cute!  I love a clean/organized work space!
Next on Friday I spent most of the day cleaning out and organizing all my cupboards and pantry's in the house.  I had already conquered the biggest one, so I wanted to continue with the rest.  I even went into my closet a bit and cleaned out all the clothing and shoes that I never wear.  It still looks full, but believe me, it's a lot spacier then it was.  I have a lot of junk!
I made labels for everything, I was inspired by this.  She's so good at that!
Anyway, it was a very successful day.  Glad to have most of it done.  Now I just need to get ride of everything that I've cleaned out and need to get ride of.  I'm thinking a private Yard Sale or something.  I'll let you all know.


Becky said...

Love those organized cupboards and closets! I need to do that...

Andrea said...

WOW! Your organized house look AMAZING!!! You did GREAT! Wanna do mine? hahaha

and UBER CUTE bathroom! They did great on a low budget!! CUTE *eat* plates :)