This is what you get...

...when you turn your camera over to a bunch of little girls?
some really fun shots!  When I got home and uploaded these pics off of my camera I just about died!  I was laughing so hard.  & I know they will LOVE seeing all the fun shots here on my blog, so here you go girls, thanks for the fun memories.

First, The boys goofing around.

Then they moved inside and here is where I think their best work came out.  
Kate's super sexy pose!
Sweet Abbers!  {With Toms head walking through the shot.}

I Love that Seth has no pants on.  And look at that smile, too cute!  
They sure do love playing with all the cousins!

I love how she isn't shy at all with a fellow young cousin as the photographer.

Gracie striking her sexy pose!  
These girls are gonna be handfuls for their parents as they get a little older.

Gracie & Kate, really this is Hil-Arious!  I want to know who was posing them.

Emma taking her turn in front of the camera!

This one is my Favorite!  Who do these girly's think they are?  Cheerleaders?
Too funny!  They just make me laugh, thanks little ones for being so darn funny and way cute!  Someday you may actually be embarrassed by these, can't wait to use them for blackmail with your boyfriends!  Hee, Hee!  Till then I hope everyone will enjoy them, I know I will!

Also, I am looking forward to seeing HSM tonight with all of you!  Then, having a fun "spend the night" at my place!  We are going to have just sooo much fun, I can hardly stand it!  See you soon!

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