Eating on his own.....well kinda!

So Toms thinks he's such a big boy starting to feed himself his own breakfast.  Lucky me right?The mess that comes from this is way more work to clean up then just taking the time to feed him myself.But I realize he needs to learn sometime, so no time like the present!  I mean he did just turn 21 months.  Holy Moly!  Time is FLYING by, can't believe he's getting so big.  Time please, please stop!!!

Other Happenings:
*On Friday I went to Bunko!  Yeah, so much fun!  Sarah hosted this month and did a  western Karaoke theme.  It was so darn cute!  And the singing was, well, karaoke!  Yehaw!
*I hosted my Digital Scrap booking Class at The Blissful Living Studio on Saturday morning.  It  was a fun success with 8 students that attended the class.  It's a big relief that that particular  class is over though.  It took awhile to figure out how I was going to get everything set up, but  it ended up working out great and now I know what to expect when I teach this class again.  So  if you weren't able to join us, then make sure and sign up for one in the future!

*This past weekend we went to dinner with some friends in our ward in an effort to get to know  each other a little better.  We hit our FAVORITE dinner spot, Cafe Boa on Mill Ave.  The  evening was tons of fun but we were sad that THESE friends could not join us.  The stomach flu  is no fun!!!  Next time for sure!  But thanks for the fun conversation and can't wait to do it  again!  next time you get to choose the fun restaurant!

*Then, later that night after a little grocery shopping.  Molly called and her and Tangie came  over to hang out a bit.  It was so fun having some visitors so late in the evening.  They knew I'd  be up to keep them company.  I got all my beads out to play a little and help them make some  fun bracelets.  It's so addicting.  Anytime you guys want to join me and keep me company I  would love to have you come and play!

*Sunday went as usual.  It's Nursery for us now.  We both got called to serve there a couple of  weeks ago and it's lots of crazy fun!  Got to love snacks in the middle of church!

*I am now dubbed the ice cream maker at my in-laws house.  Last Sunday they had me make  some ice cream for dessert and they loved it so much that they had me make it again this  weekend.  I guess that can be my thing, it's fun to make and oober yummy!

*Also on Sunday, we Celebrated our 6th Anniversary.  and by celebrated I mean we went to  church and then had dinner at my in-laws.  Fancy, I know!  That's how we roll.... I guess!

*We went swimming today with These friends and These friends.  Thanks for the invit!  I still  haven't showered!  oops!  Go HERE for some fun pics of the activity!

*We got our V.T.ing done!  nothing like waiting till the last minute!  Go us!

*Tonight we went to Target to return a skirt that I foolishly bought in Cali.  Spur of the  moment spending.  and I needed to go to Michael's to pick up a few things for a project I am  working on.  Then we had dinner at Panda, yum!  Toms loves the chow mein!!!  We tied to go  to Spinato's but sadly found out that they are not open on Mondays.  Suck!  I was really in the  mood for a Spaghetti Calzone.  It is sooo dang good, I highly recommend the drive to try it!

Anyway, have a great day and hope it won't take me forever to post again.  You never know with me.


Becky said...

Wish we would have known it was your anniversary on Sunday! We could have had a nursery style celebration ;)! We are really glad to have some fun co-workers in there. Sounds like you have been keeping really busy lately. So many great memories!

Jamie said...

Isn't this time and stage of a child's life so much fun?!? I am still cleaning up messes from letting my kids eat by themselves and you know how old they are! I can't wait until the day that they can eat without it getting everywhere!!!