California Post #4 - The Final Days

Well here is the last post about Cali, promise!!!  We had such a great time that I had to document the entire trip!  Here's the pictures of the last days we spent there.
Here it is, the whole reason for our trip to Oceanside this summer.  The U.S. Open Championship's.  The boys went out to the course on Wednesday to take some pics and see some of the action before it officially started on Thursday.  They had so much fun helping out and volunteering for the event.  They said it was crazy unorganized and there were tons of volunteers, but they had a fun time doing it and loved that they were able to stand inside the ropes during the game.
Fun photo op!
Molly was kind enough to take some pics of our family on Friday down at the beach.  Nothing like all of us waiting till the last minute.  They turned out so fun, this is one of my favorites!
Here is a shot of Tims battle wound from diving for the football and hitting the sand.  OUCH!  But he said "It was totally worth it!".  This would be our last day on the beach, the boys had to get at least one football game in before we left.  Toms was loving just hanging out and watching the boys running back and forth with the ball.  He had fallen in a store that we went into and banged up his poor head.  He looked like such a train wreck, the poor guy.
Later Friday night we just hung out around the house B-B-Qing and having fun conversations.  We were all trying to do a little packing up so it wouldn't be such mad chaos in the morning.  We also stayed up pretty late watching a few last episodes of "The Office".  Spencer had volunteered to make a run to Ruby's to pick up milkshakes for everyone.  MY FAVORITE!  Chocolate Banana milkshake from Ruby's, it doesn't get any better then that!  So it was a fun laid back evening.  We were all so sad about leaving the next day that we were trying not to think about it.
Then, Saturday morning was CRAZY!  We were all running around trying to get everything cleaned up and packed to leave the house.  We actually got out of the place by like 10:15 which was a big shocker to all of us.  Tyler & I decided to go into Balboa Island to do a little shopping and sight seeing before heading home.  I SOOO miss Newport that I had to make a short trip to see it all before coming home and having to miss it for another year.  We did some shopping on Balboa and ate some lunch.  We enjoyed a yummy Balboa Bar from Dad's and I bought a few new pieces of coral to add to my collection.  It was great fun and I'm so glad we took the time to spend there.  We then headed further into the island to take the ferry across to Newport Beach.  Toms was not liking all the wind in his face, as you can see in the picture.  But I made Tyler take him out of the car so I could try to get a fun picture.
Ahh, The Newport Harbor, my favorite place in the whole world!  We drove through the fun zone area and right on over to The Crab Cooker for some yummy clam chowder with fisherman's bread.  It's my families favorite place to eat in Newport, so we had to get some to take home for them to enjoy the next day at dinner.  I've been eating their clam chowder every year of my life since before I can even remember and I love it!  If you are ever in the area, you must make it a stop on your list of things to do.  Of course, it ONLY has seafood on the menu so make sure you like seafood, otherwise, you'll hate the place.
then it was "Home or bust".  What a wonderful trip we had, I wish we had planned to stay for 2 weeks instead of just one.  Maybe next year!  The ride home was good, Toms did great until about the last hour when I could tell he was getting fussy and just ready to be out of the darn car.  and of course, I'll finish the post off with some more video highlights from the last days of the VaCa.  Enjoy and have a great day!

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JP said...

You are wrong about the Crab Cooker Cam. It is my favorite place to eat in the world.