California Post #3 -Disneyland Day!

Here we are, in the parking garage getting everything ready to go to Disneyland!  Yahoo!  We hadn't been in so long and this was Toms first trip.  Can you tell, he's so excited!
Walking in to all the fun!!!
The massive sea of people.  And this wasn't even that bad, right?!?!
Waiting to go on Pirates!  This is my favorite ride!  I just love the smells, the cool air, the darkness of it all.  It's much needed after walking around in the heat for so long.  Toms didn't realize what he was getting into.  He was so freaked out on the ride, I've never felt him squeeze my hand tighter then he did on the first drop!  It was hilarious.
This certainly needed to be remember in this history of our lives.  All the guys with all the kids!  I love how it starts of with just one kid then goes to two and ends with Tims small herd of children.  Classic!
Waiting in a line for Haunted Mansion.  Another one Toms was not thrilled with going on.  Our poor child, really we don't mean to torture him.
Here we are waiting to go on the Buzz ride.  Tim got to Level 4!  Tyler was close but didn't quite make it to that level.  We both got Level 3, not bad for our first time on the ride.
Photo stop!
When I saw Cruella de Vil I had to stop for a group pic.  This lead to the small fight with Tyler that followed.  So silly and dumb, but it's just not Disneyland without at least one disagreement.
This was Tyler's first time at California Adventure.  We were able to see all the fun spots.  He loved Soaring and all the set's were really cool to him.  He even suggested this photo stop.  Go babe!  Never thought I'd see the day!
We stopped at Bugs life to play in the water.  Toms wasn't too sure about it all, but we had to strip him down anyway.  Later the lady came by and told us that shirts and shoes must be worn at all times.  Lame, stupid predators ruining it for everyone.  That's when we got him dressed and headed to the next attraction.
We were taking a potty break after Soarin and Toms was enjoying a churro and some raisins when I took this shot.  It really has nothing to do with anything other then I thought it was hilarious!
Here we are stopping once again for a group shot.  We are all laughing so much because everyone was making fun of me making everyone stop over and over again to take pictures.  But aren't YOU all glad that I did?!?!  {Not only you Molly but you just happened to use this exact picture in your post about cali}
People, I'm trying to make memories here!
Ahh, the end of the evening.  We were able to go on Screaming with our fast passes and stroller passes, which is my favorite ride at California Adventure.  I went first with all the girls while the boys stayed behind, then I went again with all the boys and sissa.  It was GREAT!  

Then after that we had to book it back over to Disneyland to give the guy we bought our hopper passes from {on ebay} our tickets back.  Well we got caught on the wrong side of the park during the light parade and there is no way to get out once that starts.  We tried walking all around it and finally during a break in the parade the people made a walk way for everyone to pass.  There must have been like 200 of us trying to get across the street down this narrow path they made for us.  It was insane!  

Finally we got back just in time to see the fireworks show{with really CRAPPY seats}.  The show is amazing though, they must have set off over 300 fireworks {really I have no idea, but that seems like a high number, right?}.  The crowd of people was insane also!  I've never seen so many people just stop right where they are and stare at the sky.  It was cool.  We were watching right at the beginning of main street and the whole main street was a sea of people.  

Then as we tried getting out of the sea of people, that was insane!!!  We were trying to head one way and everyone else was trying to go the opposite.  It was utter chaos!  Finally we made it back to the gumbo place to get a bite to eat {it was 10:15 mind you, and this was dinner}.  Then The Decrows headed out and Tyler, Toms & I did a little shopping before heading home.  
It was such a fun day, with a little man who did extremely well for being in a stroller most of the day.  There is just so much to see that he loved watching everything that was going on.

Now you can enjoy the random selection of video clips that I got from the day.  The best one is at the end with Tyler talking about what foolish things he doesn't do anymore {he is referring back to the boomerang ride that he is choosing NOT to go on}.  

Hope you enjoy it, I still have more to post later.  By this time it was only the end of Tuesday night.  We still have the entire rest of the week.  Stay tuned, once again!


Kristy said...

So fun, I am super jealous! I tagged you on my blog, go check out the rules!

Rich and Miriam said...

What a fun time at Disneyland! Glad Thomas (and Tyler) enjoyed it! :)

Tangie Baxter said...

WHOAAAAAA sounds like a SUPER FUN time to me! I just love blogs so I can live through all of you hee hee! I can't wait to go to Disney again! Glad you all had so much fun!

onehm said...

It looks like you had a great trip!!

Andrea said...

Ahhh looks like y'all had a super FUN time!!! We went to Disneyland last summer! Our kids first time - they LOVED it!!!

Now I can't wait to go on our family vacay next week!!!

Matt and Jennae Porter said...

It wouldn't be the happiest place on earth without one good fight, now would it?! =) Looks like a BLAST. I can't wait to take Savannah... so fun to see how excited the little ones are.

michelle said...

It looks like it was such a good time! Disneyland is sounding great right about now!

Camille said...

Thanks for stopping by. I welcome lurkers but I love commenters! Funny enough it wasn't your blog, but it looks like we are getting the word out on that fun mag. You've got some great stuff on your blog...we read some of the same ones :) We also used to be arizonians so fun to see that too.