Friday Night Dinner Therapy

We this past month was my turn to host our "Friday Night Dinner Therapy Group", otherwise know as "Bunko".  This actually took place a couple of weeks ago but I haven't had the time, or rather, made the time to post about it yet.  So here we go...

We had breakfast for dinner, YUMNESS!  and as you can see I went a little crazy on the table decorations.  What's the use of owning all this fun stuff if you never use it?  Right?!

I tried my hand at my family's famous Strawberry Pecan Ice Cream, and it was divine, if I do say so myself.  I've MASTERED this recipe!

Here are most of the girls showing off all the fun jewelry we made.  There's Me, Nor, Little Jill, Molly, Cicily, Lindsay, Kizzy & Marlo{Not pictured: Ashley, Hope, Darcy, Sherrie &  Sarah}.  I had put all my beads out for everyone to make themselves something pretty after dinner.  It was so much fun just sitting around and chatting while watching all the fun piece's being made!

It was such a fun evening with all my peeps!  Thanks to everyone who was able to make it.  We missed the others who couldn't come, and I can't wait to see everyone next month!  It's just about my favorite thing to do every month.  I think Sarah has it and she always does something fabulous!  Can't wait!


Jenni C. said...

You always put on the best parties. After three years I still really miss them!

Rich and Miriam said...

What a fun party! Do you share your famous ice cream recipe?

Andrea said...

I LOVE girls' nights & bunko!!! Your table looks FABULOUS!!! so pretty!! Love your spunky style!

And homemade ice cream? mmmmmm