A Recap...of sorts

This week has been great, lots of little things going on. So I thought tonight I would do some power blogging and catch us all up.

So, poor little man has been breaking out in hives since Thursday.  We happened to be going to the doctor's office on Thursday for shots but didn't end up getting any because of the hives.  Thursday evening he hardly slept because they were bothering him so much, therefore I hardly slept because he was tossing and turning all over the bed {yes, that's right, he is back in our bed again, darn kid! But that's another story for another post.}.

But as you can see, he is still happy as can be.  We were watching THIS video over and over and over again.  He loved watching himself and would crack up every time he went for a swing!  It was just too darn cute!  now he comes up to my desk and beg
s to watch it all the time.
Then, Thursday evening we had a great time at Onehm's house watching the season final of The Office.  Dude!  Can you believe the last scene?  So wrong seeing Dwight half naked!  A great end to a great season though.  Freaking Andy Bernard.  We were dying when his parents were there!  & since Dwight mentioned to the new HR chick that Kevin is slow, he totally seems like it.  It fits pretty good.  It was just hilarious!  Great "Must See TV"!  Thanks for letting us come and enjoy the show with you guys on your wonderful big screen in your theatre room.  I know these are the evenings that the boys will remember someday.  Oh, and Happy Birthday to Mr. T!  We were able to enjoy some of your yummy chocolate cake while yo
u were sleeping!  Thanks!
Then on Friday Toms woke up at freakin 7:30 a.m., stinker!!!  Th
at's why I was able to post THIS at that time.  now most of you think that that is not that early, but when you are used to not waking up until after 10 it kind off throws your body off a bit!  Anyway, I got a phone call from miss molly asking if I wanted to go to Target for her.  So we packed up and headed over to her casa to get her supply list.  She is trying to get her home ready for her Mom to move in this weekend and has tons of organizing to do still.  So she called me up to help a bit and make the Target run for some plasti
c bins and cute storage compartments.  When I returned to her house we stayed over and help with the organization process.  I worked in her pantry as she worked in her girls closet.  We didn't get a ton done, but every little bit helps.  While I was there sh
e invited us to go to the...

to celebrate Tim's Birthday!  We had such a fun time hanging out with them.  It's been way too long, having kids sure does put a damper on your social life.  We used to hang with these guys 24/7 doing all sorts of things, but then they had Townsend and then Province like 13 months later, so different priorities got in the way of our "Date Nights".  I guess that's the way it should be.  Anyway, we had a great time,

eating these. {The girls will choose the dinner next time.}

We got to see the massive new screen that costed somewhere in the high millions to build. CRAZY, but very cool looking.

and then topped off the evening with a fantastic
fireworks show.

We were able to go up to the front row to watch them too.
Never been that close to the field.  It was kind off fun!

The nasty mess that I am so glad I don't have to clean up {Note: this was not our mess!  No beer that night, hee, hee!}.  Ahh, ballpark food!  Yum!
Anyway, Thanks for such a fun evening guys!  We really need to do it more often!

Saturday late morning I was able to have the opportunity to teach my very first class at The Blissful Living Studio.  It was my "Get The Message" class and it was such a blast!  All the ladies that came had such a great time and made such darling boards!  You can see more pics from the class HERE.  I had such a fun time teaching this one and
can't wait to
 do it again!  It really turned out so much better then I thought.  I was thrilled that I had 5 different students attending, and honestly it was the perfect amount.  Any more and it just wouldn't have been as intimate and personal of a setting.  So, thanks Ladies for joining me and I hope you all enjoy your darling boards for many years to come!
After the class I booked it home to host my dear friend Kizzy's baby s
hower.  {sorry, I didn't get a picture of her, how sad is that?}  My darling Husband had taken the morning and cleaned the whole house for me, what a sweetheart!  Thanks Babe, I really appreciate all you did at the house that I was unable to get to this past week.  Anyway, it was a small affair with about 12 friends and family in attendance.

We had a yummy salad bar with all the toppings you could possibly imagine and then Yum, Yum, Yummy desserts to top it off.
She is finally having a boy after having three darling little girls, so she is very excited for this new adventure.  We played a fun game of Memory organized by Cicily {kizzy's Sister} and just had a nice afternoon with all the girls.

His name will be William Ford Karas.
A family name, I love it!  So traditional and they will call him Will.

This is a pic of my front entry way table for the shower.  I think it turned out so cute!  I just love throwing fun things together around the house to see fun displays I can create!
Later, Tyler and Toms came home and I took a brief nap.  We then went out to the Tempe Market Place for some Dinner @ Genghis Grill.  It was pretty good, I'd go again.  Then we walked up & down the shops enjoying the crowds and ambiance.  We even ran into Spence, Tiff, Dan & Lissa.  After that we headed home to rent a movie on the good old Apple TV.  We watched "Juno" which I was a fan of and Tyler said "Yeah, it was alright".  The evening ended with  Toms crashing on the couch and it was just so cute I had to take a pic.

He totally had his little arms covering his eye's.  I was just dying at his cuteness!  Every evening he falls asleep on the couch with Tyler as I spend my time working on my Computer.  When I get up to take him into the room I am always filled with such gratitude and joy that those two boys are all mine.  They mean so much to me and seeing them lying there all cuddled up together on the couch just makes me the happiest girl in the world!
Sunday was pretty normal as far as a Sunday's go.  However, I was released from my calling this morning as Primary Secretary.  Our President, Marianne is moving and so they needed to reorganize the Presidency.  I am sad to have been released but I am also a little relieved.  It was a LOT of work and took lots of my time to do.  It's been about a year and a half since I was put in and of course, as soon as you are just getting the hang of it you get released.  The new Presidency will do a great job and I wish them all the luck!  Today at church I spent most of my time explaining all the Secretary responsibilities to the new Secretary and just trying to get her all set up and squared away for next week.  I did get a new calling but they won't be putting me in until next week, so I guess you just have to wait to hear what it is.  A new chapter is opening in my life.  Sad to see the last one end, but on to bigger and better things.  Thanks to my Presidency for all the fun we've had and the memories we've made together.  I'll miss the bonding time we were able to enjoy with this calling.
ANYWAY, I'm sure I've lost many of you by now but there is still a little more.
Are you up for it?  Here it goes...
I'm gonna back track a bit.
So now I will post about my Mother's Day, last weekend.
Well, my Mother-In-Law dropped by on Saturday to give me a little Mother's Day bouquet.
I love fresh flowers, thanks Mom!
Who wouldn't love this face?  This is Toms playing in the Dale's backyard on Mother's Day evening.  They hosted Sunday night dinner at their house this week.
These were the Mother's Day gifts we made for the Primary kids to give to their mom's.
They are magnet's if you couldn't tell.  I wasn't at church to hand them out on Mother's day because we went to my In-law's sacrament and then out to my Mom's house to have lunch and visit with my fam.  But I heard they were a real hit!
I made this fun collage for Tiffani's mom.
Apparently she loved it, it was a fun one to make.  Happy Mother's Day Julie!
and finally my Mother's day gift from Tommy {really Daddy}.  It's exactly what I was asking for. Tyler went to make a card for me to place in front of the pedestal and as he was heading into the studio to make it, he found the one he gave me last year.  What a silly hubby he is!
Well, if you are still here, thanks!  This was a long one!  I had so much to catch up on and a little time tonight to do it.  I'll try to space it out a little more in the future.  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and here's to a great week!  Now I'm off to Digi Scrap.  Yahoo!


Cicily said...

Overload!! You were a busy lady this last week, I'm glad you got in a nap at least.

Fowler Farm said...

Holy cow cami. You are the most creative person I know. I love how you can just whip things together like it is nothing. "Oh I made this collage in like two seconds. It was nothing." Hello that would have taken me like ten years and probably looked like crap when I was done. Haha. It looks like things are going really well. Toms looks as cute as ever. We will have to get together again soon. Talk to you later. Shelby

onehm said...

Tommy is adorable...the shower was awesome (totally expected that it would be) and I love that Tyler cleaned for you. He's a keeper!!

Jen said...

WHEW! I am exhausted just reading all this! How do you do it girl?