He LOVES anything to do with balls and somehow knew just what to do when he saw a Bat.  
Last night when I was uploading these clips he was watching the part when he comes up to me 
and try's to hit it right out of my hand and he was CRACKIN up! It was the cutest thing ever!  



Kristy said...

He is so cute! I love how he drops the bat and runs away each time. I miss him!!!

amy said...

First, I also love the way he runs the bases.
Second, were you seriously up at 7:29 this monring?
Love you!

Scott & Jen said...

That's hillarious! I love how he starts running practically before the ball even gets to him:)

Ondria said...

That's awesome! You should bring him over to our house. The boys could have a fun little game going on. ;)