The Easter Bunny Came...

Toms got all sorts of goodies!  A Leap Frog DVD, little cars, bubbles, 
a cute Bunny & Some Yummy Candy!
Even Tyler got a little something.  The first season of Psych DVD set.  The Easter Bunny must know we love that show.  Good call!  I stuck a little note in his to make him think I gave it to him, but he knew better!  Tee, Hee!
Tommy had the best time toting all his loot around the house in his shopping cart.  He just kept making circles through the kitchen and the living room.  He loved it, it really felt like he knew it was new fun stuff for him.  Crazy!  
{gotta love that bed head, nice!}

Happy Easter, hope the Easter Bunny was good to you too!


Tassi Smith said...

We love the show Psych! Grandpa Tom's Easter Egg hunt looked fun. Wish we could have been there.

Andrea said...

Ahh what a cute little shopping cart! He looks adorable! We LOVE Psych too!! My sis bought that dvd for us at Christmas!