Dana Park Openings!

Can I just tell you that THIS is the best news I'll probably hear/see all week!!!  

I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!  


sarbear said...

cool, huh? it's slated to open in august but is going to be a pretty small store, like tuscon store small. you'll probably see my face there once a week.... i haven't decided if i'm transferring or not.

Webb Family said...

How exciting!!! I love that store. Hey how do you know Crystal? We are in book club together.

A Letter To Kayleen said...

i really wish i wasn't broke. (as a joke.)

i like reading your blog. (don't be silly.) i just like saying bombastic things on mine. (probably because it makes people uncomfortable. i'm not sure why.)


domesticbliss said...

This IS exciting news- wow!- VERY VERY EXCITING!

lindsey said...

no way!!! i love, love this store! can't wait!

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