Easter Egg Hunt @ Grandpa Toms!

Tommy & I were able to join all the fun at Grandpa's House this year {Tyler was Golfing}.  We had a great time seeing all the cousins and playing in the yard.
Here are most of the girls stopping for a fun picture.
Here Toms is with his findings!  He even knows to shake them to listen for the change.  Smart kid.  I swear I didn't teach him that!
The older kids making a mad dash to try and find the dollar egg.  Clark was the lucky winner for the older group.
& Toms was the lucky winner in the baby group.
Whoo, Hoo!  Of course it will go in a savings account for Toms when he is older.  "smirk"
Photo Op with Tiff & Tessa,
Toms didn't really know what was going on, all he knew is he had a lot of kids running all around him.  {And he got to eat a lot of candy}
The dessert went pretty fast, Toms had two!

It was lots of fun and lots of craziness!  Thanks for having us over Grandpa, can't wait for next year when Toms will be walking...         Maybe.

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