Caramel Apple's

This is something I've always wanted to do.  Make Caramel Apple's.  So about two weeks ago I purchased the ingredients to do it and finally tonight we got around to getting them made.  It's one of my favorite treats to purchase at the fair and I thought it would be a fun FHE as well as a great little tradition I could start with my young ones.  Here's the recap:

They turned out delicious, messy, but totally worth it!  The kids had a blast {even Kate, my niece, was able to come over and join us} and loved the finished product. {I believe it's the first time for both of my kids to taste a caramel apple.}  Even Tyler got to enjoy a few slices of one of them.  Naturally he went ahead and cut a piece off of the stick, so to not get too dirty while he ate it, that's Tyler for ya!

A great memory and fun evening.  What are some of your fall traditions?  Do share!

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Lissa said...

Dear Kate,

I seriously love and miss that stinkin cute smile of yours!

Your Long Lost Aunt Lissa