Learning Bad Habits

I give up.
It's useless, Toms is gonna teach Lola bad habits.
It's inevitable and there is very little, if anything I can do about it.

Fortunately, this particular learned habit is kinda cute when Lola does it.  Read on.
Lola: "mom, mom, mom, MOM, Mom, Momma, Mom, mom, mom, MOM"
Me: "What Lola?"
Lola: "uhm, uhm, uhm, Uhm, Uhhhm, uhm, uuuhhhhhmmmm, uhm, uhm"

Unfortunately, Tommy doesn't understand why it's so cute when she is trying to talk to me as opposed to when he does it and I loose my patience.  Poor kid.  Such is the life of siblings.


Lissa said...

Love love love the matching jammies.

Jillian said...

ok so we are taking family pictures this week and i was going to see if i could stop by on wednesday sometime to look at your hairbows?? let me know asap!!! email me at jillian.farnsworth@gmail.com
thanks chick!

Bubbly Faces said...

Your kiddos are so dang cute!! I love the jammies. ps. I love banner #5. It's totally you.

Jen said...

Cutest Pic ever!!!!!