Bedroom Inspiration for Max

So, I've decided that I need to make Max his own room.  I've been debating back and forth, thinking I'd rather keep my guest room and have the boys share. But...  after surfing a bit and finding all this darling stuff, I'm finding it hard to resist decorating a new space for it all.

Read on, enjoy all the eye candy and fun inspiration for a sweet boys fantasy room.

How cute would this be behind the crib wall?
I've been crazy for this sconce for awhile now.  
How cute to flank the crib or changing table? {sorry for the super small pic}
I am loving this, forget the messy chalk!
This chair is super impractical for rocking a baby to sleep, 
but darling for the overall look of the room.
I already own this bedding from Tommy's nursery, so to be practical, 
I'll need to use it again for Max.
A cute way to bring that pop of color into the room
I would love this cute little bus to hold some of the more "special" 
books of the kids collections.
These would come in handy as well as look cute!  What a clever idea.
Slightly retro with modern capabilities.  Doesn't get any better then that!
Ever since spotting this on Modern Family {in the girls room} I've been coveting it.  
Then while searching along the web, what do you know, FOUND IT!
Every kids room needs a letter or two.  Love the color pop of this one!  
Heck, why not spell out MAX?  Now that would be cute!
I'd love to do something fun and funky like this material, but for longevity, 
would probably end up with something a little more subtle.  
Something that would be easy to grow into teen years with.  Possibly this,
a little bit easier choice for a redecorating process.
I love the unexpected, not to mention much more humane.  
Not that I have anything against hunting, 
just don't want to incorporate it into my decorating.
This is a product description for some stickers with birds and baloons. They primary colors used are light blues and or

This would go a little bit better in a girls room, but why not.  
It's kitschy!
Another fun way to incorporate a name into the room.  
What a darling remake of the 1945 original.  
A fun play mate or even useful as a night stand.  
It's a win, win!
This kills me with cuteness!  I want one of each letter!  Seriously darling.
This describes Max to a T.  A perfect little poster for a perfect little man!
A perfect little table with built in benches.  
I'd love one of these for in my kitchen.  Form, Function and lots of cuteness!  
I'm all about that!
This would work wonderfully as a changing table to then 
transition into toddler and childhood years.  ...and at only a mere $2600 
why not buy the matching end tables?
It's never too early to teach a few manners.
This would be as close to an animal in the house as we'll ever get.
These are some serious contenders for the bedroom, 
love the colors and graphics.
I love all the fun options for mobile's these days.  
Four years ago while creating Toms room I couldn't find them anywhere. 
 Almost too many to choose from now.

Well, I'm thinking this is enough fun for the night.  
Thanks for letting me dream.  Ahh, the room's I could design, if only I had the fundage!


Kylee and Dustin said...

So fun! My favorites the white chair and giraffe lamp!!

onehm said...

DARLING! Can you virtual shop for my girls room? I'm having such a hard time catching a vision... :) You have the best ideas.