Momma would be so proud!

I made dinner!
Parmesan Chicken over Fettucini with French Bread and Watermelon.
Kiki aren't you proud of me?  This is a dinner worthy of even you!

I often times invite my in-laws over to eat with us when I cook.  You can't just cook for three or four people, if I'm going through the effort I may as well make enough to spread the love, right.  Tonight my In-Laws came and Yaya.  So I broke out the cute dishes and voila!  Anyway, I think Tyler was a little impressed.  I've always known how to cook, I just choose not to.  It's not really my thing, but I hate the question of "What's for dinner?" so if I just make something then we can avoid the frustrating conversation of where to eat, what to pick up or what to make fast because everyone is hungry.
So, I'm making it work and doing what most Mother's around the world do.

I must say that once everything was done and cleaned up, I was exhausted!  This won't be a nightly thing, but definitely bi-weekly, at least.

Oh, and here's a little cuteness to enjoy.  Max is already 8 weeks old!  Whoa!  It's gone by so fast and yet it seems like he's been a part of our family since day one.  I couldn't imagine my life without him, he fits perfectly into our nest.

I know it's weird but I'm feeling like there is another little one up there getting ready to come soon.  I'm certainly not announcing anything, but I just feel like we need to punch out the next kid just as fast as little Maxers.  I'm just saying it feels that way, but I also know that the fundage needs to gather up a bit before any drastic "purchases", if you will.

Here's a few more cute pics to enjoy, because I don't discriminate.


Kristy said...

Great job on dinner! You know you can invite us over sometime :)

Jill said...

Way to get started. I have to admit this post made me curious. What do you eat in a week? Come on, Post it. And the dinner looked yummy. Looks like I know what's for bunko next time.

Cynthia said...

That dinner looks awesome! I CAN cook, very well in fact. I even LIKE cooking. The problem is that the Hubs and I have radically different taste buds. The man loves CASSEROLE for cripes sake! So, I don't cook. Who can get excited about a high-fat casserole? Yuck!

Tiffany Haynes said...

I'm with you on the whole dinner making thing. I'd love to be a wonderful chef but it's just not my thing. Sadly I still have to cook every other night (thanks to my mother-in-law switching me off).

I love those bedrooms you re-did. When we have our own home (someday) I may just have to hire you! Or we could trade photo shoots:) You are so talented!!!

Rasmussen Family said...

Way to go Cami, I am impressed and am sure Tyler was too :)