Last days of Summer

Last Monday we had a lot of the little cousins over to play.  7 kids at our house, what fun!  It's almost easier for me to have more kids over to play then just Toms and Lo.  They all play so great together and it keeps my kids out of my hair.  I'm really sad that school has started back up.  Tommy is pretty lonely without all his cousins to play with.
Then, later that night we went to "Pump it up" for a family back to school party.  The kids love this place!  I even played pretty hard in them.  My BIL Jeff and I had a boxing fight and I won!  Well, not really, but that's how we can all remember it!
A few summer memories we don't want to forget!


sarah said...

i like that you and your little girl are both tilting your head to the same side. like mama, like daughter. :)

Cicily said...

Where did you get that shirt? It is adorable.