Lazy Summer Days

What better to do then hang out in the cool house with cute cousins?
{Rosie and Max, destined to be great friends!}
{seriously, I could just eat this little chunk up!  She is such a cutie, what a great blessing to have her in our lives!}

On Wednesday I loaded up the kiddos to go have lunch with my mom at work.  We stopped by to pick up Trina and Rosie too.  We had some grub, shopped in the gift shop {toms got a little car and lola a ball}, tried to wait to see the helicopter coming in {but it was way too hot to wait any longer}, took Trina home and hung out for a bit to visit and feed max before making the trek back to our side of town.

It was fun hanging out with my sis.  We've become so much closer in the past year since she's been preggers with  her little Rose Bud.  I love it.  I hate that I'm so far from my fam, but it makes it all the more fun to hang every couple of weeks.  Poor Trin is stuck at home all day without a car, so she appreciates all the company she can get.

When we all found out Katrina was expecting I secretly thought to myself that I should get pregnant too so she wouldn't be going through this all alone and so there would be cousins the same age.  Well, little did I know or realize that I was already a few days pregnant.  I guess that was the Lord's thoughts as well.  Anyway, the little ones are only three months apart {even though Rosie looks a lot bigger then Max right now}.  It's gonna be some good times.  Now we just need to find Trina a hot sugar daddy.  Any suggestions?  Let me know and we'll set her up.

Love you sis, and thanks for hanging!  Can't wait to see these kiddos grow up together and start to get into trouble.  They'll be such good friends, I'm sure of it!

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