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I realized that I have never posted my fun before and after shots of one of my Design Houses.  I started working with the darling Karen on her house in February and we've done some mighty fine work on her girls rooms.  Anyway, here are some of the shots I got of the rooms.

I am for hire if you're interested!  Thought I'd make that little plug to let you know.  Enjoy.

{Caroline's room, the BEFORE shots}Photobucket
{The RESULT!  I absolutely LOVE the way this room turned out.  What a fun place to wake up in every day!  Go HERE for a few more shots.  Not too shabby if I do say so myself! Hee, Hee}Photobucket
Then...{The second room we redid.  Here we go with the BEFORE again}
...and now the AFTER.  
{Note: we were still in the process of getting more pillows made for the beds 
and the bed frames were still on order from HERE.}
Fun, huh?  
I've had so much fun working on these darling spaces and it didn't hurt that I had such a great client to do it with!  Can't wait to continue into the next rooms of her fabulous home!  I'm even gonna start to work with her sister who lives in Yuma.  That should be a challenge.  
Decorating only through e-mail, can't wait to start.
{I'm in need of some serious creating time, it's been too long!}

I'll give you some of my links and shops where everything was purchased soon.  If you have anything specifically you're interested in just leave me a comment and I'll make a note of it in my sources post.

Tonight I'm sleepy, need some shut eye before the babe wakes up.


onehm said...

I'm going to have to hire you once we get settled! I need assistance with Sweet G's new pad. :)

Jen said...


Cynthia said...

Awesome! I love the fabric wall panels. We are designing a room for my 10 year old- she wants it to be a 'teenager' room "Not a baby room Mom!" I love the way you transitioned the rooms to accommodate 'older' kid tastes.

Rasmussen Family said...

Very creative. I love the wall panels too.