Near Death Experiences

Yes.  Lola nearly died the other day.

{Pay no attention to the Halloween T.  We are in the process of doing the laundry and with jammies, anything goes.}

I was in my bedroom and heard a loud crash coming from Tommy's room.  I ran in to find Lola pinned underneath the dresser that happened to be holding a large TV on top of it.  Both had fallen on top of her but luckily the bed was just close enough to catch the TV from falling flat on the floor.

{The dresser with a now broken drawer and the TV still sitting on the floor.}


{You can see where the TV hit the bed.  It's now slightly broken.}

 I went into Superhero mode and started throwing the TV and drawers off to the side until I was able to pull the dresser off from on top of her.  Much to my relief the only thing hurt was her right foot.

 It was caught under one of the drawers and all it had was a little scrape.  I ended up with a pretty bad bruise from the TV falling on me as I pulled it off.  But I'd rather it be me then her.

It could have all turned out so much worse.  We were seriously being watched by some great guardian angels at that moment.

Needless to say, I made Tyler get right to work securing all large items of furniture to the walls.  I was so shaken up by the whole thing.  I mean, kids have been seriously injured or even killed by much less.  I can't even imagine.


Kristy said...

So scary! I am so glad everything turned out ok. Love you sis!

Becky said...

How frightening, Cami! So glad you went into Superhero Mom mode and were able to save the day. I am always worrying about things like that with little climbers in the house. I'm counting on our guardian angels to keep everybody safe!

holdoug said...

That's how Dallin broke his leg when he was 3. Scary!