Mission Beach Reunion

Wow, what a great trip we had a couple weeks ago!  My Grandmother decided to pay for each and every one of her kin to spend a week together at the beach.  There was 84 of us there, and that wasn't even everyone.  Talk about a big investment!  We were all furnished with a pace to stay all within walking distance to the others and gas money to get us there and home.  What a generous gift this was to get all of the family together for one {possible} last reunion.
{Most of the family, only two or three couldn't make it}

We had such an enjoyable time!  Gathering together for beach olympics, dinner, church, blessing Rosie, sand castle contests and even a night of laughter and card playing.  We all had lots of catching up to do and had such a fun time getting to know all the new additions.  I was sad to come home, obviously.

But I took a ton of pics!  Here's a select few out of the over 500 that I took.  I love digital cameras with big memory cards.  Keep taking the picture until you get it right, that's my motto.
{Our great Reunion T Shirt's designed by my bro, Jimmy}
{So many of the pictures I took were of Lola as a sandy monster.  It took my Sister-In-Law SIX washes to get all the sand out of that head.  But Lola was loving it.  She was even caught dipping her cheetos in the sand before eating them.  Nasty!  But it kept her happy}
{We would walk down the boardwalk at night and play around in the arcades and ride a few rides.  We snacked on the biggest ice cream cones and snow cones you've ever seen.  Yummy stuff!}
{Tyler's sister, Hope joined us for the week as our nanny.  It was so nice having the extra help, this way there was one adult for each kid.  I need that every day!}
{In our little apt. there was tile everywhere and the rug was the most uncomfortable thing ever.  Our poor Lola kept falling down on it.  She was not a happy camper.  I'm sure she was happy to get home to normal walking conditions.}
{Cute baby Max was such a trooper!  He did great the whole time.  He's such a good baby, and don't you love those little shoes?}

I have so many more memories of this fun vacation to post but it's getting late and Mr. Max will be waking soon for a feeding.  I'll try to post more soon.  I seem to end every post with this saying.  So many memories, so little time.


karen said...

going through Cami decorating withdrawls around here. Secretly plotting when I'll be able to address Jackson's room and then this front toy room thing.

I can't believe that story about the TV and dresser falling on little Lolas!! That musta scared the freak out of you. Glad she's OK...

Finally posted the photos of your handiwork in Caroline's room on my blog--everybody LOVED your canvas focal art piece.

miss ya!

Becky said...

What fun pics, Cami! Cali family reunions are so great and how lucky you are that Hope would join you! Baby Max is such a cutey, you lucky Mama :)