My Heart and Chest is Full!

        I finally cried.  Not because of stress or exhaustion, naughty kids, or screaming babies.  But because my Heart is truly full of Gratitude and Love for my life and the people in it.

I put Lo Boat down for a nap this afternoon then brought Max into the living room to wrap and put him down to sleep, when it hit me.  I am SERIOUSLY SO BLESSED!  My children are handfuls, but wonderful non the less.  Max is a total sweetheart!  Seriously, he is the sweetest thing ever.  He is so content with wherever he is and even smiled at me today for the first time while looking right into my eyes.  That's when I cried!  Tyler is such a big help to me and a great Father!  The blessings go on, and on....

      So then, right after my little moment with Max, I went right over to my phone to text Tyler and 
tell him how much I love him.  
BTW, today is our Eighth Anniversary.  Whoa!!  8!
Time goes by so fast!  
8 Years =

  • 1 MBA from ASU
  • 2 Purchased Homes
  • 3 Kids
  • 4 Deaths
  • 5 Cars {Most of them for Tyler}                
  • 6 Trips to the ER {Most of these Cami}
  • 7 Killer Parties
  • 8 Eight{y} extra pounds put on {who do you think has the most?}

As well as a whole lot of other important things!  Too many to mention or to put numbers on.  All in all, we are still in Love and that's what matters!

What Blessings!  Thank you Tyler for giving me the comfortable life I've always wanted {not too comfy, but just right}.  You make things so much easier to handle and have been such a HUGE help around here these past few months.  I really appreciate all that you do for our not so little family.  Man, can you believe we have three kids already?  Such craziness!

P.S. Oh, and my milk has come in.  Can we say OUCH and ask why?         Just why?                        
                                                                                                                                      Seriously, WHY?


Rebecca Irvine said...

Congrats on 8 years together!! You guys are such a great couple.

Jenni said...

8 years! That is AWESOME! I remember back when you didn't have ANY kids....and now you have 3! Crazy how fast they all came....and I am so happy for you and your super cute little family!!!! You deserve all the happiness in the world....and I am glad that you have a man that will give you just that! :) You are truely blessed!

Kristy said...

Love you! Happy Anniversary!

Matt and Jennae Porter said...

Happy Anniversary you two!!! You are such a wonderful family and I am so happy that we have gotten to know you over the past few years. And AMEN to engorgement pain. Seriously to me that hurts a million times worse than labor. Tylenol baby, and LOTS of it!