The cutest thing EVER!

The other day we were lounging around the house {lots of that going on these days}, and I look around to see where the kiddos are.  This is how I found them.
It makes me so happy to see them sharing a little moment together.  Lola LOVES looking at books, especially the scrapbooks of people she knows.  She climbs up onto the chair to get the books, pulls them on her lap and sits searching through the pages every day.  Toms will sometimes join her.  I just love it.
Another moment of book reading.  This time relaxing back on some floor pillows.  What a wonderful thing to love to do.  I'm not much of a book reader myself, so I'm so glad that she has developed that talent.  She can sit and read all day long.  She'll even start to talk out loud like she is actually reading it.  I guess to her she is.  It's just so cute, I can't get enough.

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