Pig Tails & Other Moments

I thought I'd try and do a little something with the few scraps of hair that Lola has.  So the other day I put her first pig tails in.  They looked absolutely ridiculous but were to funny and cute to take out.  She did so good while letting me put them in too.
Hey, you do what you can when you have a little girl with no hair who won't keep headbands on.

Later that evening Yaya came over to give the kids baths.  Lola LOVES splashing and playing in the sink.  She's almost outgrowing the kitchen sink phase.  That really makes me sad, where has the time gone?  Yaya was playing a chubby game with her in the pic.
I just love those fat cheeks!

Tommy loves to play out front.  He would play outside all day long if I would let him.  He usually does really great by not running in the street and staying in the driveway.  The other day I was inside while he was playing and I noticed that things got really quite for awhile.  I walked outside before calling his name and saw this:
He set his little chair up and was waiting for Tyler to get home.  He sat there for a few minutes before he realized I was watching him.  It was too funny.  I asked him what he was doing and he said "Just watching".  I love this kid, not a dull moment with a three year old around.

Then last week Tommy was playing in the other room while Lola and I were in the family room.  I noticed once again that he got really quite for awhile, so I walked in to see what he was up to and I couldn't find him anywhere.  I started calling out his name and started to hear a little giggling.  I realized he had crawled back behind the couch and said he was hiding from me.
I asked him how long he had been hiding there and he said "three minutes".  What a nut.

Lola has been growing up so fast.  I seriously don't know where the time went.  She is almost 11 months old and crawling everywhere.  She gets into a lot of things so I have to keep my eye on her a little more then I did with Thomas.  She is so well tempered until she gets something taken away from her or gets frustrated.  She will totally throw herself back on the floor and do the fakest cry you've ever heard.  She can be a little stinker and certainly has her own little sassy attitude, I'm a little scared of how she'll be once this next baby comes.  I'm sure she will find a way to make things difficult for me.  I'm not looking forward to the first few months of getting used to that.

Also, she is working hard at getting all her teeth in.  She has six now and the cutest little gap right in the middle of the top two.
Pretty silly looking, but cute at the same time.

Another cute story about Thomas playing outside one day.  He was out there working on something and I went out to check up on him.  He had taken Tyler's bike pump and was trying his hardest to pump up the tires on his bike.  Of course, they didn't need it, but he sees Tyler pump his tires up before every ride and figures he needs to do the same.
I seriously love this kiddo and all the cute stuff he is learning.

He says the funniest things too. Just today we were in the car driving the carpool home and he had my extra large coke from McDonalds in his lap {yes, my three year old is drinking coke}.  He takes a big gulp and says "umm, that's delicious!" Only he pronounces it "Dewicious".  Love those moments.

Well, I wanted to do a little updating but still need to cover all the major Holidays and events that have happened in the past few months.  I have been scrapping some Digital LO's this past weekend and love that feeling of accomplishment.  I'll post them once all the kits I've been playing with are released.

Till then, thanks for reading and talk to you soon, I hope!


missrachelanne127 said...

I love that picture of Toms waiting for Tyler it is so cute. Well Boy or Girl?????

julz said...

The previous comment was left by me not Rachel...

Sheri said...

SO cute. I love the tiny pony tails.

Sheri said...

So Cute! I love the tiny ponytails.