Seriously So Blessed!

I really must say I have such a wonderful life.  I have been blessed with happy, healthy children, a husband who loves us, a beautiful, safe home, great neighbors, close friends, supportive families, the gospel of Jesus Christ and faith in him.  ...The list goes on.  Here are some fun new pics of the kiddos.  Molly let me borrow her camera for a few days so I've been having fun playing with it.  It takes such better shots then my little point and shoot.  I'm way jealous and want one for myself.  Someday.  Enjoy!
What a doll this little girl is.
She is such a joy in our home!
Seriously can't believe how big this guy is.  He's growing up so fast.
This is a site I see often.  Him holding a sippy and smiling.  He loves his "Powder Juice".  {we make it from a Crystal Light powder mix, so he calls it Powder Juice}
Another site that is seen often, Lola wanting to be picked up out of her Bumbo.  I just love moments like these caught on film.

Mom, these were for you.  Sorry you don't get to see them enough.  We love you and miss you.  Hope you have a great day!  Loves and Kisses!


Shanna said...

Your kids are growing up so fast! I was surprised when I saw how much they have changed! They both are such cuties!

Full House said...

cute babies!!! When is Lola's room going to be featured in a magazine....so fun. Hope all is well.