Party House

I love the way my house looks and feels right before a party. I'm throwing a baby shower tonight for THREE different girls in my ward, and my house is so nice and clean. I love a party house!

Here's a little cuteness to leave you with, and I need to get ready to host this thing!
{Miss Lola Rose, 4.5 months old}


Cynthia said...

This post makes me laugh! Ihad a 'party house' last weekend. I'm with you- I LOVE the way it looks when I know lots of people will see it.

I need deadlines. And the threat of public humiliation to get things perfect. I'm trying to use the idea to get my severely introverted spouse to be more social!

Have a great time- hope all goes well!

Tiffany said...

I'm SO lovin' that fat, dimpled chubby and wonderful leg in the second pic!! And the arm...I just wish it looked that cute on me!