Arrested Development

& Jason Bateman!
Need I say more? Great, Great show!!!
Sad I only have 3 season's to watch over and over again!
But there is a movie in the works for next summer I think.
Unfortunately it will most likely be rated R. Sucks!

What's your favorite show?


Lindsay Rector said...

Holy Cow!!!! This is our favorite show too! It is the funniest, most hilarious form of comedy. Okay, so Tobias was the greatest. Remember when He couldn't figure out why he didn't succeed as an "Analysis Therapist" and then the camera zooms onto his business card. well, you get the idea.....sooooooo funny!!!!!!!!

Please invite us over to join in the laughter!


Sheri said...
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Sheri said...

Malcolm in the Middle. That show is my marriage and my childhood.