The Boy

...is such a crack up! His new thing is singing along to the new Black Eyed Peas song "Boom Boom Pow". He totally sings it and even adds the "jacking my style"part. Hi-larious! I'll video it and post. It's something everyone must see.
Tonight he started to "Fake" cry. Sounds a whole lot like his real cry {Because it's always fake and over-dramatic}. But still very funny.

Tyler and I were talking about Lola tonight and I was saying that she only takes little cat naps during the day. Tyler said, "Yeah, what, about....{pause, waiting for me to answer}" and Toms chimes in with "2 Hours". It was so funny and perfect timing. I can't believe he knew what we were even talking about let alone answering with a correct answer. He's such a crack up!

I had the music playing on our fabulous Apple TV today and he went to grab his little toy piano. He sat it on the coffee table and proceeded to play/dance/sing like he was singing the song on the TV. Another great moment in the life of Toms.

This past weekend we went to see "Night at the Museum" with all of my family. He loved it and didn't move a muscle during the whole thing, it was great. But afterwards he started saying "Fire Power" like the thinking statue does with his arms up in the air. So funny. He actually pronounces it "Fider Powder".

The microwave is actually the "Microphone" around our house. He says "Make it ourm in the microphone" every night about his bottle. {Yes, he still takes a bottle, give me a break, we're working on it. At least it's only at night and nap time. Could be worse. Right?}

Every day he starts doing something new, I just love it! He talks so much and is learning like crazy. He still can't seem to get his colors right, but he sure has the comedy thing down. So I guess that's good enough for now.
I had to take a moment to write some of these things down before I start forgetting them all. Hope you enjoy hearing about it as much as I enjoy it. Can't wait to see what he comes up with tomorrow.


onehm said...

He's HILARIOUS!!! ;) What a fun boy!
(And those pictures of him are awesome...lol.)

Sheri said...

I love "Fire Power". I laugh every time I see it on the commercial. That's hilarious that you added in fine print "Yes, he still takes a bottle, give me a break" You're funny.