Sweet Sleep & Other News

So for the past TWO nights Lola has been going to sleep around 10 or 10:30 and she hasn't woken up until 6! Wow, only 2.5 months old and she's already sleeping through the night. Lucky me! I just hope she keeps it up. If she ends up going back to waking up around 2 or 3 it will be so hard now because she's gotten my hope's all up. So we'll see. I must say I really do have the BEST babies! I can't lie. They are so happy and calm and easy to handle, I love it! Now, once they turn 2, well that's a different story. Toms tests my patience EVERYDAY! Multiple times! But I guess that's the way most two year old act so I can't really complain.
{This is what I get to see everyday, such a little sweetheart!}
Anyway, the little lady is getting so big I can't believe it! She smiles like crazy and loves all the attention. Toms is loving her also. He is always wanting to help and hold her. The other day he did however fall on top of her. She screamed out so loud, I felt so bad for leaving her on the floor. But she soon calmed down and all was well.
{Wearing my shoes, what a crack up. He could actually walk in them. Not a good sign!}
We had a fun weekend, just stayed here in town. Friday we went to a BBQ with all our friends and had a blast for the short time we were there. We had to leave early to go and meet my family at the movies. We saw "Angels and Demons". Very good! Then Saturday night we went to Spinato's, YUM! It was just a fun chill weekend. It's always so nice for Tyler to have a long weekend.
I'm still working on getting back to the whole Blogging, Crafting, Scrapbooking thing. It's taking a little more time then I thought to take care of two kids. I love it, but it's very time consuming.
{Toms feeding Lola before bedtime, such a good helper}
I have Bunko at my place this Friday so I'm trying to get some things done and ready for that. It should be a blast. I love hanging out with the girls. Still trying to figure out what we will be eating? Nothing like waiting til the last minute.
Tyler is still training for his Triathlon coming up in a few weeks. Unfortunately his biking/running/swimming buddy fell and broke his arm last week so he's now training on his own. My brother is still considering doing it with him, so that will be nice to have someone else to commiserate with. But get well soon Tim! & sorry about the broken arm, Tyler misses you!
Well, there we go with a few of the updates. I'll have more pics sooner or later. I have so much to update still. Eventually I'll get to it all, maybe.

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Crystal Star said...

She's precious. And motivating (2 weeks left for me). I love your fall on her story. I remember Jake as a newborn- really under a month, laying on the ground on his tummy on a blanket and walking in the room with Ella (of course Ella) sitting on his back and bouncing saying "I'm a cowgirl!!!". Oh I'm so glad that boy lived!