What a kid!

Who wouldn't want to spend their days with this little man?  
He is so much fun these days, learning so much, and repeating everything!  I just love it.  Last night Tyler & his Dad were working on the nursery and Toms kept coming in and out of the room giving me updates and gathering more tools to go and "work" with daddy.  It's just so cute.  
I can't get enough of him and I'm starting to feel a little sad that it won't be just the two of us anymore.  I hope he transitions well, and doesn't get too jealous of his little sister.  I realized last night how much we mention the baby to him and how much focus we have been putting on the baby, that I kind off had to stop myself so he wouldn't feel left out even before this girl shows up.  I'm sure it will all work it's self out, people have been having kids for millions of years.  But it's just me getting cold feet before the change that is on it's way.  
Anyway, we are headed to Tyler's Grandpa's house for lunch today, then Target and Michael's.  Later we get to pick Clark & Kate up {Tommy's little cousins} from school because my SIL's & MIL went to California to go to a taping of the Ellen show.  I had to sit this one out for obvious reasons.  They go to the show today and it airs tomorrow.  It should be so fun for them.  Anyway, that's our day, hope yours is great.     Later!


David said...

I'm dying to see the after pictures of the nursury...your creativity is mind boggling to someone like me!

Anonymous said...

WOOPS! that last comment from David is actually from me, Ashley!

blah, blah by lindsey said...

love your blog so much i gave you an award!

Micah and Jen said...

I totally remember feeling this way right before I had Austin and just crying as I held Cameren while he slept....but you know what....your heart is bigger than you could possibly know and it all just works out prefectly and you wonder how any of you survived without that new little one! :) Toms will do great and be such a wonderful big brother....what a lucky little girl she already is!